DIA-SPORT Association
The DIA-SPORT association was established in 1995 in Sofia, Bulgaria as a widely represented non-governmental organization.


Activity areas

  • Education and training
  • Health and rehabilitation activities
  • Social integration of disadvantaged groups
  • Youth


The Mission of DIA-SPORT association
is to increase the quality of education and
training at all levels and in all its forms as
well as to foster integration of any social
group regardless of gender, age and ethnic origin.

Main Goals
  • To improve the accessibility, quality and efficiency of education and training of all people;
  • To support the social integration and realization of each individual with specific attention to youth and disadvantaged groups;
  • To contribute to the integration of Bulgaria into the European and international structures;
  • To support educational and training infrastructure development and improvement;
  • To assist local, national, regional and international institutions in the implementation of their training and educational policies;
  • To strengthen the physical and mental health of population;
  • To promote and contribute to LifeLong Learning, Adult Education, E-learning and the usage of ICT in Education and Training