Mentoring Conference April 27, 2010 (Malmö, Sweden)

The Nightingale mentoring network is created! New members can join.

The conference will highlight mentoring for different target groups and also explore the

societal benefits of mentoring. The mentoring conference is arranged by the newly started Nightingale Mentoring Network and hosted by Malmö University. The conference is based on the experiences of The Nightingale mentoring programme which started in 1997 in Malmö for students and children. Read more:

Mentor and Mentee

(Child and Student)


Registration and more information:


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19/20 April 2010 in Rzeszow, Poland



STOP@BULLISM - Transnational Meeting

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26/27 April 2010 in Sofia, Bulgaria




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25/26 May 2010 in Grandaux, Switzerland





14/15 June 2010 in Rome, Italy




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16/17 September 2010 in Sofia, Bulgaria  NDK-front-view.jpg




The 7th International Conference

Leadership for an Inclusive and Sustainable World

Berlin, Germany, January 27-29, 2011



The conference design and themes

Thematically, the conference will address, portray and interlink two key issues in education and training:

         Leadership in education and training

          Education for sustainable development (ESD)